Why are so many adults living in a prediabetic condition?

Prabhat   April 12, 2016   Comments Off on Why are so many adults living in a prediabetic condition?

Information recently published by the University of Florida in the United States contends that close to 35% of all adults over the age of 45 around the world – not just in the US, but across the planet – are living in a prediabetic condition that is only a short while away from transforming into full-blown Type II diabetes.

Doctor holding out stethescope

Doctor holding out stethescope

Worse than that though is the fact that most medical experts aren’t doing anything about this epidemic, and they aren’t even telling their patients that they are living such dangerous lives!

Prediabetes is the precursor to Type II diabetes and almost just as dangerous a conditiondoctor

Type II diabetes is the kind of diabetes that impacts adults later in life as opposed to Type I diabetes that people are born with, and it is by far the more common type of diabetes that in individual may become diagnosed with.

Caused by poor decisions as far as healthy eating and exercise are concerned (though genetic factors certainly contribute to the condition as well), more and more people are waking up to realize that their lifestyle isn’t doing their health any favors.

Unfortunately, many aren’t really realizing this until the situation is extremely dire and dangerous.

Prediabetes isn’t quite as dangerous as actual diabetes, but it is right there on the edge and it doesn’t take all that much to go from a prediabetic stage to a Type II diabetics stage. Your blood sugar levels are already in trouble, your pancreas and liver are already having a difficult time completing their job, and you’ll start to notice all kinds of negative symptoms popping up – though they won’t manifest with the same kind of frequency as those with diabetes will.

Why aren’t doctors doing anything about prediabetic conditions?

The biggest problem behind why doctors aren’t effectively combating prediabetic conditions is that the overwhelming majority of medical professionals around the world are more focused on treating diabetes itself and not the underlying issues that may eventually lead to the diabetic condition.

This is such a significant issue because treating prediabetes (with prescription drugs or through a proper diet and exercise plan) can prove to be so successful at eliminating Type II diabetes altogether – but because doctors aren’t focused on prevention but instead curing diabetes people are slipping through the cracks and dealing with much more pain and much more danger than they should be paired

The next time that you visit your doctor be sure to ask them if they believe you are in a prediabetic condition and what you can do about it.